Hillman Curtis (1961 – 2012)

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As a young interactive designer in the early aughts, I came across an authoring animation tool for motion graphics called Macromedia Flash (later acquired by Adobe Systems), during its heyday many interactive technologists like myself were captivated by its ability to defy boundaries on the web, it gave every stale design vibration and life. One of the pioneers of the industry and Flash tool back then, was international designer Hillman Curtis.

In 2008 Mr Curtis and I met at his firm in Dumbo, Brooklyn New York. We discussed his participation as a feature for a future Visual Collaborative exhibition. The conversation was rich with ideas to be executed. It never manifested due too unforeseen circumstances. Hillman passed away several years later due to colon cancer. Through our conversations his legacy lives on. Your humility and gentleness conveyed strength.

Hillman Curtis pictured right