Skillset & Considerations

Write -
  1. I contribute visual design, user experience concepts, and occasional markup code for; Web sites, applications and other rich experiences on mobile devices, desktops and other platforms. I am useful as an associate in a team or simply as a practical digital strategist. I support and encourage responsive and sustainable designs. These consume less environmental energy.
  2. My core education and depth insight of the field came during and post the dot-com boom, when traditional designers, artists and technologists used some of the same tools to deliver their finished works. I leveraged the collaborations in concepts of Open Source and constant Innovation to help people accomplish things and continue to do so today.
  3. The projects I work on that turn out successful, always start with integrity, then teamwork where values of all parties are mostly mutual.
  4. Majority of the enterprise projects listed in the work section, came from referrals, staffing agencies and gracious hiring managers.
  5. Majority of my work featured in exhibitions or public installations is presently digital. In the traditional art world, the context of my work would be considered Digital Painting or Digital Abstract Designs.
  6. I am passionate on the constructive ways of design and technology. I have physically consulted with people and companies in the United States, West Europe and in the African Sub-Sahara.